New and shiny site design

Once again it has become time to refresh the site design. Looking back, it appears the last site refresh was in July of 2007—I’m not sure if 5 years on the same design demonstrates longevity and consistency, or if it just means I’m horribly overdue.

Regardless, now everything is nice and shiny. One of the goals of the new design was to do my best to leverage HTML5 and CSS3, including new HTML5 tags and use of many of the newer CSS features. As a consequence, the only image file is the background. Everything else is CSS effects along with a couple CSS fonts.

I also used the refresh as an excuse to experiment with responsive design. I haven’t had a chance to test a wide array of small-screen devices yet, but on the ones I have access to (various iDevices), the site is usable. I’d love to hear your experience, good or bad, on any kind of smaller-screen device.

Other changes include numerous updates to the software stack (Rails 3.2, etc.), better syntax highlighting (now with line numbers!), and improved (in theory) spam filtering.

tags: site design, syntax highlighting, responsive design, html5, css3, rails